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LFR 28 Sept Number 652

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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If you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered,

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We reach out to all, regardless of race, colour, creed or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1723 - Baptism: Robert LAWS-117049, St Mary At Lambeth, SRY UK
1777 - Marriage: Thomas BROWN-118529 and Susannah LAWS-118528, Lakenheath SFK UK
1794 - Baptism: William LAWS-41973, Gateshead DUR UK
1818 - Marriage: John LAWS (Widower) -119613 and Phillis CLARK-119614,
           Blanford Forum DOR UK
1823 - Baptism: Eliz LAWS-30773, Westbury WIL UK (Independent)
1828 - Marriage: William LAWES-30516 and Mary Ann Cutton PRIESTONE-30517,
           Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1829 - Birth: William Frank LAWS (Foreman Shipbuilder) -9221, Princes Street, Wapping MDX
1830 - Baptism: Martha LAWS (Silk Weaver) -50577, Bungay SFK UK

                                                            Bungay SFK UK

1831 - Christen: Amelia LAWS-117316, Stepney MDX UK
1831 - Christen: George LAWS-48827, Stepney MDX UK
1831 - Christen: Selina LAWS-34336, Stepney MDX UK

                                                       St Dunstans, Stepney MDX UK

1831 - Christen: Selina LAWS-4825, Stepney MDX UK
1833 - Christen: Charles LAWES-390, Holborn MDX UK
1849 - Burial: Eliza Jane LAWES-53341, Ewer Common HAM
1851 - Birth: Outten LAWS-42338,
1855 - Marriage: R G ROGERS-33098 and Catherine Maria LAWS-33097, Dacca, New Calcutta                INDIA
1863 - Birth: Marion Ruperta K Murray LAWES-58758, Marylebone MDX UK
1884 - Birth: George LAWS (Glass Glazier) -57884, South Shields DUR UK
1898 - Death: George Alexander LAWS-120017,
1911 - Birth: Martha LAWS-118675,
1916 - Death: Percy Edward LAWS (Bookeeper/Clerk to Paper Manufacturer) -7452, Columbo                    CEYLON
1917 - Residence: Wallace Herbert LAWS (Sailor) -42947, New Southgate MDX UK
1918 - Discharged: John William LAWS (ARMY Sapper & Pioneer 13387) -54479,
1920 - Death: George B LAWS (PVT D 93 ENG US Army) -37959,
1920 - Birth: Gordon Stanley LAWS (Australian Army) -32332, Leichhardt, NSW AUSTRALIA
1929 - Marriage: William Sydney LAWS (Labourer) -7725 and Ivy Gertrude BIRCH-17493,
           Pluckley KEN UK
1936 - Death: William LAWES-57205, Winchester HAM UK

                                                 The Cathedral, Winchester HAM UK

1940 - Death: William K LAWS (Civiliam War Dead) -45160, Uxbridge MDX UK
1940 - Death: William H LAWS-115333, Uxbridge MDX UK
1940 - Death: William Stephen George LAWS (Civilian War Dead) -102634, Uxbridge MDX UK
1940 - Death: Louisa Ruth (Civilian War Dead) LAWS-45112, Uxbridge MDX UK
1946 - Death: Georgiana LAWS-40965, San Francisco CA USA
1949 - Birth: Tommy LAWS-40292, Harris Co TX USA
1952 - Birth: Terry Vance LAWS-40331, TX USA
1957 - Death: Arthur James LAWS-37752, Goimbla Station, NSW Australia
1958 - Birth: Sandra Denise LAWS-123941, Statesville,  Iredell County NC USA
1969 - Birth: Veronica Nicolette LAWS-40524, TX USA
1975 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWES (Company Director) -46357,
1983 - Death: Montague Frederick LAWES (Australian Army) -32403,
1985 - Birth: Michael LAWS-45373,
1992 - Death: Peter Brian LAWS-119108, Stepney MDX UK
1993 - Birth: Ethan Richard LAWS-40856, TX USA
2001 - Marriage: Kent LAWS-43542 and Sharon EDWARDS-43543,
2005 - Death: Donald Millar LAWS-167641,
2013 - Death: Carla J LAWS-123360, De Kalb IL United States

1769 - Burial: Mary FLEMINGTON-329, 
1831 - Birth: Elizabeth WHYMENT-11873, Clipson NTH UK
1857 - Birth: Ann Elizabeth OUBRIDGE-120885, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                     Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1864 - Birth: Albert Nelson HOLGATE-42226, Henham ESS UK
1871 - Birth: Maud DEAVES-55415, Mile End MDX UK
1892 - Death: Frederick Francis FOX-38922, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                           Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1893 - Birth: Fannie Margaret MCNAUGHTON-167504, Nipissing ONT CANADA
1896 - Birth: William CUNNINGHAM-42783, Hanwell MDX UK
1898 - Baptism: John RICHARDSON-45319, DUR
1938 - Birth: Margaret Lamont LOWESON-118428,
1940 - Death: Louisa Ruth OWEN-115332, Uxbridge MDX UK
1963 - Death: Gladys MCBEAN-1344, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                            Chatteris CAM UK

1974 - Marriage: Stephen DUDLEY (Courier driver) -48048 and Margaret SOADBY
           (Warehouse worker) -48047, Medina WA Australia

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