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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Sept 2014 Number 274

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Let me send Fraternal Greetings to all our subscribers across the world, particularly in the following countries in order of the most subscriber pageviews.  

7117 pageveiws since we started in June 2014

USA 2421; Germany 1225UK 1195Russia 540; Turkey 283; France 237; Australia 177; Ukraine 150; Canada 89; Ireland 71; China 52; Netherlands 51; Poland 29; Romania 29; Portugal 25; Sweden15; Italy 14; Brazil 14; Finland 11; Ghana 04; Slovenia 04; South Africa 04; Singapore 04; Bulgaria 02;  Switzerland 02; India 02; Iraq  02; Indonesia 02; South Korea 02; Kazakstan 02; Spain 02; Ecuador 02; Hungary 02; Serbia 01; Japan 01; Algeria 01; Phillipines 01; Taiwan 01; Venezuela 01; Honduras 01; Vietnam 01; And last but far from least Austria 01;

.To move Your Country up this list #
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Have You noticed your country move up?

Romania moved up 10 Places with 29 hits, France 14 Places with 237 hits  and Italy 5 Places with 14 hits and yesterday Austria joined us.

Yesterday the 14th September we broke a record, 

We had 103 visits, and heading that way today - Wow!


Today we would like to salute 

HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.

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1611 - Marriage: John FLOCKTON-1163 and Annis LAWES-1162, Lammas NFK UK 
Lammas, Norfolk

1761 - Birth: Mary LAWES-822, Drayton NFK UK
1820 - Christen: William K LAWS-7601, Northfleet KEN UK
Northfleet Kent

1831 - Marriage: Henry LAWS-5508 and Sarah GALTRIP-5509, 
1853 - Marriage: James A ALLEN-45322 and Margaret LAWS-45321, 
1855 - Occupation: E LAWS (2nd Ships Steward) -51776, 
1868 - Military: Mathias Robert Seppings LAWS (Army Officer) -8841, 62 Foot (Lieutenant              Retired)
Battle of FEROZESHAH = 2nd Foot Dec 1845

1870 - Birth: Isabella LAWS (General Servant) -3795, Bedlington NBL UK
1881 - Birth: George Malcolm LAWS (Physician) -39255, Paulsboro NJ USA
1882 - Death: Henry O LAWS-34293, 
1886 - Birth: Elizabeth Ann LAWS-45366, Sunderland DUR UK
Sunderland DUR

1889 - Birth: John William LAWES-122140, 
1891 - Birth: Beatrice E LAWS-38421, 
1905 - Miscellaneous: Curtis Lee LAWS (Reverend) -45793, 
1906 - Birth: Alice LAWS-42415, Tama Co IA USA
1911 - Birth: Donald Edward LAWES-121884, Andover HAM UK
Andover HAM

1913 - Death: James LAWS-6975, Higham KEN UK
Higham KENT Thatchers at work about 1955

1914 - Birth: William Frederick LAWES-122341, 
1914 - Birth: Robert Franklin LAWS (Advertising agency executive) -39386, Oklahoma City              OK USA
1916 - Death: Thomas LAWS (ARMY Private 13952) -45139, 
1916 - Death: Sydney Harold LAWS (ARMY Private 15658) -45134, Stradsett NFK UK
Stradsett NFK

1916 - Death: G LAWES (ARMY Private 16404) -44984, 
1916 - Death: Stephen LAWS (Accountant's Clerk) -3204, FRANCE & FLANDERS
1937 - Death: William LAWS-117359, The Middles, South Moor, Stanley DUR UK
Stanley DUR

1942 - Residence: Frank Leslie (Plasterer) LAWS-30908, 90 Rankins Road, Kensington,                  VIC AUSTRALIA
1949 - Birth: Joel Wilburn LAWS (Jnr) -40290, Harrison Co TX USA
1953 - Will  Proved: Osmond LAWES (House Painter) -117445, 
1959 - Birth: Jeffery Wayne LAWS-40414, TX USA
1962 - Marriage: Edward Raymond LAWS (Neurological surgery educator) -39245 and Margaret Patricia ANDERSON-39246, 
1969 - Marriage: George R MARES-114923 and Judith Ann LAWS-114922, Las Vegas NV
Las Vegas NV United States

1974 - Birth: Isela LAWS-40580, TX USA
1983 - Death: Vivian William LAWS (Sewing Mechanic) -35424, Hawea NZ
1990 - Birth: Matthew Harding Curtis LAWS-40825, TX USA
1990 - Death: Vaughn David LAWS (S1C US Navy) -38088, 
1998 - Death: Russell Gary LAWS (DC3 US Navy) -38078, 
2000 - Burial: Homer Huston LAWS-115390, Nashville TN USA (Woodlands Memorial Park)
Nashville TN The Old Chapel Woodlands Memorial Park

2002 - Death: Earl William LAWS-27697, Connelly Springs, Hickory NC USA

2003 - Burial: Edward George LAWS (Turbine Engineer) -31963, Oak Hill Cemetery. Springfield IL USA