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From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today Wednesday 30th April 2014.

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(The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold type, extra information is in italic type)

Family Events

1808 - Birth: Jane LEWINS-29911, Chester le Street DUR
1814 - Birth: Anne HALL-4360, possibly Oxfordshire
1818 - Birth: Amy Delila LAWS-22732, IL or TN USA
1846 - Birth: John LAWS (Comercial Traveller in Boots Clothes Hats) -2951, Chatteris CAM
1849 - Marriage: David  LAWS (Ag Lab)-4816 and Mary MUCKLING-4817, Whaplode LIN
1849 - Birth: George LAWS-32758, Chatteris CAM
1854 - Marriage: William BENDALL (Gardener/Blacksmith) -27656 and Elizabeth LAWS-24245, Croydon SRY
1854 - Birth: Jane MCELFRESH-40312,
1863 - Birth: Mansfield Gibson LAWS (Farmers Son)-5886, Ryhope DUR
1865 - Birth: Mary Ann Rowell  ELL (Drapers Assistant)-7266, Islington MDX
1874 - Marriage: Henry James LEWIS-7406 and Alice LAWS-6800, Milton by Gravesend KEN
1887 - Death: William Thomas LAWS-26941, Gaspe, Quebec CANADA
1887 - Death: Annie Margaret LAWES (Spinster)-1318, Ramsgate KEN
1890 - Indicted: Frederick William LAWS (Clerk)-4482, City of London
1893 - Death: Mary LAWS (Grocer)-17728, Great Yarmouth NFK
1898 - Birth: Mabel Eunice LAWS-25317, Owsego County NY USA
1900 - Birth: Reginald Charles LAWES-32751, Exeter DEV
1902 - Death: David LAWS (Wasteman in Pit) -17183, Eppleton Colliery, Hetton le Hole DUR
1905 - Birth: Frederick Charles LAWS (Australian Army)-13022, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1914 - Birth: Alfreda Edith SCHNEKENBURGER-10866, Lambeth SRY
1915 - Death: James LAWES (RMLI Private (RFR B 515), 5613 (Ch)-35879, Gallipoli
1915 - Enlistment: Bertram LAWS (ARMY 5895)-26339, South Hook Fort, Preston LAN
1918 - Birth: Edwin Ross  LAWES (Australian Army)-13083, Mt Gambier Sth Aust AUSTRALIA
1919 - Death: Thomas Richard LAWS-8104, Stratford ESS
1920 - Birth: Emma Kathleen LAWES-24725, Norwich NFK
1922 - Marriage: Giovanni CHIARELOTTO-12698 and Florence Matilda LAWES-12697, Kamloops BC CANADA
1925 - Will Proved: Mary Ann Rowell  ELL (Drapers Assistant)-7266,
1929 - Death: Ethel Eveline LAWS-10848, Enfield MDX
1935 - Birth: Lois V LAWS-20627,
1935 - Death: Ann LAWS-6407, Wells, Faribault, Minnesota, USA
1938 - Burial: Henry LAWES-31542, Worthing SSX
1938 - Death: Robert Bertram LAWS (Contractor)-8297, Stockton on Tees DUR
1943 - Death: Mary Ann DIXON-27488, Darlington DUR
1946 - Death: Joseph LAWS-22759, Beloit, Rock Co WN
1950 - Death: Edward LAWS-39477, Herne Bay KEN
1950 - Birth: Murray Paul CHAPMAN-21877, Christchurch NZ
1951 - Miscellaneous: Jennie LAWS (Spinster)-38194,
1951 - Death: John W LAWS (Farmer) -25506, Madison Co KY USA
1951 - Death: Emanuel LAWS (Jnr) -19896, Logan WV
1953 - Will: Alice Maud Mary HARDING (Boarding House Keeper) -7276, Brixham DEV (Clifton Villa)
1954 - Birth: Josefina Empueto RAFOLS-28647, Dumlog Talisay Cebu, Phillipines
1975 - Death: Irene Mary DUFFY-14693, Hospital of St John of God, Goulburn, late of Goulburn NSW
2005 - Death: David LAWES-33876,