Monday, August 19, 2013

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 19 August

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 19 August

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Born Today 19 Aug


1895 Cyril Edward Lawes (Tea Broker) at Paddington MDX
1896 Frederick Compton Lawes (Army Private 814293)
1952 Nicholas Lawes at Chichester SSX


1821 Sarah Laws at Hilgay NFK
1871 Alice Laws at West Auckland DUR
1900 Cecil Sydney Laws (Australian Army) at Goulburn NSW Australia
1909 Maud Laws at Hartlepool DUR
1912 James Peterson Laws
1923 Audrey Sybil Laws
1923 William Ernest Laws
1936 Brian Edward Laws (Diagnostic Engineer) at Folkestone KEN
1947 James Ralph Laws at Gregg Co TX USA
1948 David Phillip Laws
1957 David Laws at TX USA

MARRIED Today 19 Aug


1788 Green Laws married Mary Riches at Fakenham NFK
1810 Rebecca Laws married Robert Newman at Marylebone MDX
1816 John Laws married Sarah Elizabeth Stubberfield at Dover Ken
1899 Arthur Laws (Ag Lab) married Alice Peyto at Swanley KEN
1944 James Ronald Laws married Shirley Glorina Cassidy at Woolahra NSW Australia
1960 Dewey Alvin Laws married Mary Angelina Rodriguiz at Clark NV USA

DEATHS Today 19 Aug


1894 Thomas Austin Lawes (Corn Miller) at Donhead St Andrew WIL
1916 Sidney Charles Lawes (Army Private 3686 Hampshire Regt) at Basra IRAQ (Mesopotania)


1915 Mary A Laws at Stepney MDX
1926 Marttha M Laws at Kendrick ID USA
1954 Annie Eliza Laws at Kelowna BC Canada
1988 Agnes Wilson Laws at NSW Australia
2003 Ellen Ethel Laws at Auburn NSW Australia
2011 Terrance Ronald Laws at NTT

 MISC Today 19 Aug

Born today

1893 Elizabeth Diosma Pfeifer, wife of Victor Emanuel Lawes at Younghusband SA Australia

Died today

1900 Amelia Wade wife of John Porter Lawes (HEICS) at Tufnel Park MDX
1960 Everlyn Claudia Frederica, wife of Frederick George Laws (Engineer) at Ipswich SFK
1988 Agnes Wison Sinclair, wife of Richard Arthur Laws at Sydney NSW Australia
2002 Sylvia Gabbard, wife of William Laws at  Garden City MI USA