Friday, August 16, 2013

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 16 August

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 16 August

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Born Today 16 Aug


1856 William Lawes (Naval Sick Bay Attendant)
1910 Caroline Elizabeth Lawes at Wilton WIL UK
1937 Ralph George Lawes
1938 Evelyn Lawes


1791 Samuel Laws in VA USA
1874 Lottie A Laws
1905 Bertie Laws at Buckenham NFK
1908 Irene Laws at TX USA
1914 Tobin Henry Laws at Moulds Pulaski IL USA
1919 George William Laws
1921 Joseph William Laws at Malad Oneida ID USA
1952 Martin Bernard Laws (ARMY Life Guards Tpr 24344842) at Barnet HRT
1958 Adam Walter K Laws
1965 Earl Lawayne Laws at TX USA
1983 Rebecca Laws at Boston LIN

MARRIED Today 16 Aug


1952 Kenneth Frederick Lawes married Sylvia Doris Parsons at Caterham SRY


1873 Cuthbert Laws (Boilermaker) married Sarah Douglas at Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL
1883 Constance Laws married Richard Shepherd Moore at Poole DOR
1883 Rosa Laws (Governess) married Robert Lock at Weymouth DOR
1893 Charles Frederick Laws (Master Mariner) married Eda Susan Anketell Jones at Hampstead MDX
1904 Joseph Laws (Army Gunner 94911) married Elizabeth Laff at Blyth NBL
1911 James Bloy Laws married Agnes Ricketts at Norwich NFK
1924 Wilfred Henry Laws (Painter & Decorator) married Laura Louise Pilcher at Folkestone KEN
1958 Brian Edward Laws married Beryl Ann Taylor at Roxbourne, Harrow MDX (St Andrews)
1967 Daniel J Laws married Sandra Strait at Woodstock IL USA
1970 Lynda Barbara Laws married Terry Stringer at Whitfield LAN
1980 Scott Marshall Laws (Electrician) married Margaret Pye at Banbury OXF

DEATHS Today 16 Aug


1872 Edmund Lawes (Gentleman) at Reeth NRY
1930 Athur Lawes at Balham SRY
1942 William Lawes (Ag Lab) at Broome NFK
1964 Kethleen Anne Lawes at Shedfield HAM


1816 William Hampton Laws at Orange NC USA
1915 Harry Laws (Army Private 15285 7th Batalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers) at Gallipoli
1957 Arthur Laws (Ag Lab) at Doddington CAM
1960 Harold Arthur William Laws at Doddington CAM
1964 Herbert Ernest Laws (Accountants Clerk) at Herne Bay KEN
2005 Sheila Marie Laws, wife of Frank Willis at Sunderland DUR

MISC Today 16Aug

Born today

1860 Mary Bell Patterson, wife of John M Laws at Polk Co IA USA
1890 Rose Judd, wife of Archbald Centenal Laws at Scarsdale VIC Australia
1906 Helen Beatice Montagu, wife of William Laws
1923 Violet Mae Heiskala, wife of Robert Earl Laws at MI USA
1929 Mary Jean Knight, wife of Michael Stuart Lawes at Leicester LEI UK

Died today

2004 Willie Oulla, partner of Ross Laws at North Augusta SC USA