Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 14 August

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 14 August

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Born Today 14 Aug


1920 William Frederick Lawes


1768 Matthew Laws at Rackham NFK
1831 William Campbell Laws (Jappaner) at Whitechapel MDX
1884 Edwin Francis John Laws (Railwayman) at Chelsea MDX
1885 Hazel Kay Laws
1907 William Arlington Laws
1909 Alberta Laws
1924 Richardson Donkin Laws at Sunderland DUR
1942 Jimmy Lee Laws at Washuington CA USA
1968 Bradley Francis Laws at Parramatta NSW Australia

MARRIED Today 14 Aug


1899 Amelia Elizabeth Laws married Henry Omer at Islington MDX
1954 David Laws married Irene Cooney in NSW Australia

DEATHS Today 14 Aug


1807 William Lawes at Knights Enham HAM
1898 Mary Ann Lawes (Widow) at Wimbourne Minster DOR


1844 John Laws at Breckney Hill NBL
1857 Robert John Laws at Snettisham NFK
1943 Charles Henry Laws at NY State USA
2002 Irene Laws at Sydney NSW Australia
2003 George Henry Laws (Carpenter & Farmer) at Harris Regional Hospitsal NC USA
2006 Donald Laws at Chelmesford ESS

 MISC Today 14 Aug

Born today

1907 Gwendoline Annie Gibson, wife of Walter Garrard Laws at Bega NSW Australia
1910 Leonard James Francis McGrath, husband of Gweneth May Laws

Died today

1871 Sarah, wife of Phillip Laws at Old Shoreham SSX
1916 George Gibbon, husband of  Dorethy Grace Laws at Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL
1943 Eva Halsall, wife of George Laws (Sanitary inspector) at Richmond SRY
2004 Mary Ruth Earls, wife of Robert Alva Laws at Bend OR USA